April 23rd, 2017


Tissue paper flowers

Ever made one? Ever had one? Do you know of what i speak? I dunno, i am feeling crafty for some reason.

I was introduced to them at an amusement park where they were selling "giant" ones for $5 which was about as cheap a thing as one was likely to find. My friends and i marveled at the display and picked out the colors and the woman made them up right then and there. Which was a little disappointing cuz it is just fold, fold, fold, tie, fluff, fluff, fluff. "That's it??". You feel kinda ripped off once you see how the magic is done. Heh!

Regardless they are pretty and you should try it. Diy. Youtube. Lots of sources out there.

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Lesson for today: If the bill is partially written in Chinese it is a counterfeit bill. K? K.
Yes, this happened at work. No, it wasn't me.

Lesson for work today: If you're trying to teach me something, especially if it is complicated (freakin complicated!) and you forget an important detail or tell me the wrong info by mistake? Do NOT try to tell me that you did tell me the right thing. No. You did not. My memory is pretty damn good and I can quote exactly what you said. /That/ was not it. Dingo. I am conciderate enough to not quote you out on it, but don't press me.

I am such a Ferdinand.