March 26th, 2017



OMG! It was amusing when it first started but now i am sitting in the cafe listening to politician ranting that the Republican Trumpcare bill failed...
Because the Dems didnt vote for it!?
BwAhahahaha! Rofl! Omg that is priceless! Republicans hold the overwhelming majority, couldnt pull it together, and it failed because they didnt get 1 Dem vote???? They have the control of the House, the Senate, most of the States /and/ the Presidency and still blame the Dems!
WTF is //that//?? How does that level of denial and fingerpointing even EXIST??

In other news- stupid birds woke me at 8am again. It really cant be nesting, right? Because they'd be banging around during the rest of the day and not just when the sun got high enough. Right? Make sense?
Shortly after 8am i filled my spray bottle with cold soapy water, pried open a window and spayed the underside of grate and opening until my hands were too tired. So if they are nesting, screw you birds it will still rain in there. If this doesnt help i will put the sprayer in a bottle of Pernod and polute their bathing spa via the roof.

Then when i got to work i arrived with 4 other people and let them in line ahead of me to sign in. As i am finishing the boss singles ME out for being late. Wtf. That kind of a day already?

Sorry guys. I'd love to finish up with a joke or kitten picture or something but i am just too tired.

Oh my Sissssssta...?

Holy moly. First i must say that the woman who plays Regina the Evil Queen is stunningly gorgeous. Just...whoa.
Second, this brought me to stumble upon a place of pure fantasy corset creations to inspire the desire to neither eat nor breath again
Fun, yes?

Third, for those who prefer to eat and breath and possibly swirl in summer dresses (it will be summer at some point) Kinda hippie flowy gauzey...

Edit: not kinda hippie flowy. Completely. Looks incredibly comfy. If you like that style. And very good prices!