March 15th, 2017


And they STILL haven't bought a shovel!

It is March! Mid March! In New England! The upteenth storm of the season and //still// I am the one out of seven able-bodied people living in my apartment block who HAS a shovel, nevermind USES one!

It was my day off this time so I said to myself, "Let someone else dig out." For once. Just once!
Not only did they not shovel, but they stomped the snow into hard-packed ice. Lazy arsed mother cluckers. So /i/ have to shovel when I get home from work tonight. Again. Bastards.
Look, I sympathize with the /idea/ of falling and sueing our landlord BUT 1) if you sue he's going to have sell the property and the rest of us are out in the cold 2) you are risking doing serious harm to yourself and spending the rest of your life with limited mobility and in constant pain. Think it all the way through, numbskull

In other related news- I bought much junk food ate way too much and made myself sick. Havent done that in a lonnnnng time. :p

Things I should know

Was watching some of the senate hearing on the marines using social media to post unauthorized reveiling photos of women, some of them fellow marines.
First one I saw was a female senator just incredibly angry at the generals sitting there. She gave them a telling off sans swearwords (but felt) about "you demandec to retain authority over these cases and I am sitting here with 5 years worth of testimony and witnesses. Who is being held responsible? Show me! And who is held respinsible when the person in charge fails in their duty? Who? Anyone? What exactly have you done? Show me!" And the general looked a little embarassed. "I dont have a good answer for you and I'm not going to sit here pretending I do."
Which kind of an answer is that??
Then senator Mccain started his time adderessing the generals. Only he went the route of "Americans are duly proud of our marines. They represent our best values. They are our finest, bravest young men dedicated to serving our country." (Paraphrasing...go with it.) "The security of our country and our military rests in our soldiers sharing those common values and the mutual trust they place in each other. Anything that undermines that must be dealt with. It is the responsibility of our commanders to maintain discipline..." Etc.
Aka he went the patriotic/duty/pride route. Which made the generals squirm.

I really should keep that kind of tactic in mind. "Of course we stand behind you 100% because you are awesome. There's this thing that is kinda smearing your honor...which you're going to fix because you're awesome and honorable."