March 10th, 2017



1) 20 years since Buffy the Vampire tv show. Did you ever watch?

2) As in 2 new songs to recommend (since I was browzsing buffy vids)
Bedroom hymns by florence and the machine
Black black heart by david usher

3) i dunno. It is cold. Makes me wonder if i should have picked those migrating frogs up and kept them in a bucket until...whenever it turns real Spring.

4) Oy! Daylight Savings is this weekend!! Spring ahead and lose an hour. Dang it. Start now.

5) i will skip this one because...gore.

6) Wikileaks has now told all the Bad Guys /how/ to spy on you. And how to avoid our spying on them. You are not safe. You're a hella less safe than you were last week on all levels. K? FOCUS people!!! We were/are attacked.

7) hitler's camp is trying like heck to blame this and all the other trouble they are in on, wait for it...hillary & obama! Yeah, neat trick but No. Just No. (Guess what station is on?)

8) speaking of buffy, (giles), how did you like that odd time frame where it seemed like all tv shows had a Musical episode? Did your shows survive?

9) At work they opened another new restaurant. And the plumbing failed. This time it was the bathroom plumbing which means that all the offices underneath are...closed. Really really closed. Until everything can be removed and replaced. Eeew. The walls, the ceiling, the rugs, the furniture, etc. Eeeeew.