February 12th, 2017


Feminism mansplained

"She was warned. She was given an explination. Nevertheless she persisted."

Tank you, mitch mcconnel. Liz is da bomb. I wish i could take credit for linking that to feminism, but no.

During Black History month apparently we can't hear from MLK's widow?
I cant take credit for making that link either.

It is a little...bizarre that Warren was asked to dissist, "think of his wife!" Meaning Session. Not MLK. I mean, that is really weird.

Resist. Persist.


Hitler starts his travel ban while Obama is out of the country.

"Sorry, Mr President. We need to see your Green Card..."

In other news, the news is reporting that the CIA just declassified some Russia jokes from back in the cold war. And the ones quoted are funny! However, i cant find anything about this on the Cia site which is supposed to be the source so...
But the jokes are funny.