January 4th, 2017


Sherlock 4

We decided it was just too dark and had lost the edge of entertainment. Sorry boys.
I did like john's hair. It was Sherlock's that looked a bit weird.

Wtf LJ?????

Ok, for a change of pace, now i can't /reply/ to a post. It says authorization failure. But i can post to my journal. Sooooo, yeah. WTF?? I'm obviously logged in and i've tried replying 6 ways to sunday.
It isnt the russians reading my journal that will drive me away. It's the Fing lousy progrsmming!!!!!


Well, i'd like to be a little more politically active because i think there will be a need.

Perhaps i shall complete memorizing "to be or not to be" and then "is this a dagger i see". Lots of things i should know. "Oh what a piece of work is man".
I really like beatrice but she has no soliloqy

Should also transfer my 401k to a roth.

And there's a bloody milestone coming up. Crap...