November 20th, 2016


Post Truth continues

Okay, just to set the record strait I was told by a coworker, who is a rumper,that "those protestors in portland who got arrested didn't even vote."
So i picked up my tablet and dug. The news stories i found all started with "the majority of" so already we've gone astray with our game of News Telephone. Reading further the stories were siting a source of WKGN in portland as having supplied the report. I dug. Even that source started with "the majority did not vote". What they left off was that they did not vote /in Oregon/. Ok that is a vital bit of fact that needs to remain with the headline, people!
Of the 112, minus the ones they couldnt track and the kids who couldnt vote, it is actually 31 who did not vote. And 1 is quoted as saying he doesn't vote because it is the Electorial College that counts and if your state doesnt have many why bother?


30 were confirmed to have voted in that county.

So really, WTF? Truthiness!!!

Oh and the other site posting the mug shots of all the arrested protestors? WTF is that other than a bald attempt at intimidation and suppression?

You know if this post truth thing hangs around we are all going to need new curse words because the ones we have relied on and have served us so well - getting worn out.
Hey, Oxford! Got a new project for you!

(Small sidenote: i also dug on the picture of patrick stewart with a sign? I can not find the original source (reliably) but neither can i find anything to suggest the additional text on top was his idea. I did find that the original pic was his idea for a specific site and that he has been publically supporting this cause since 2009. So there's that.
I keep hearing the voice of Grissom from early eoisodes of CSI "site your source". I love that line. I use it often with my brither. Heh.)

Dear democrats

Did you think i had forgotten you? Did you think i had forgotten?
WTF is wrong with your heads?????!


Backroom F-ing shinannagins???
That is betrayal of the top order! You self-centeted, self-absorbed, ELITIST hussies!!!
You! You have made me use the term elitist as a negative thing! You did that!

YOU blew this election in the worse possible way. You.

Don't dream you are off the hook. Don't pretend you are forgiven. This is your hole you dug and i will hold you accoiuntable.
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It was

One of those days here. No one was listening to me. Not the customers,not my supervisors, and not my coworkers. My supervisor was acting deaf because he didn't want to do actual work. And our weirdest interaction was me trying to tell him the thing i was doing and him telling me to do something else i was 3 steps away from even starting. It was like being in a car trying to talk about the sign in a shop window in front of you while the other person is saying, "don't hit the car behind when you back up" and you haven't put the keys in the ignition yet.
Which is how my conversations go somedays...

How the heck was YOUR day? :)
Did you have a weekend?