November 4th, 2016


Dear repubs

Look, if you decide you just cant vote 4 the Dem- i get that. But say you voted Repu b party. Dont say you voted /for/ hitler. I have zero respect for that. Zero.

Okay. Deep brezth. Breathe. Remember there is /no poll/, no expert, no talkinghead, no elementary school, no swamee, NOT 1! who can tell you who will win.
It's ok. It's almost over. All this talk now is just the news trying desperately to generate that last click, that last bit of revenue in their coffers after this bonanza 2 years. Wringing every last drop of panic. "I might miss it! It's vital!"
No one knows. No one can tell you. Ease it back.

I certainly hope /i/ am winding down from my own political panic posts. I'm a woman & i'm pro-Choice which means my vote was sewn up a lonnnnng time ago.

Today a media woman was saying that the division is partially on the media because neither side will listen to each other. And some of that is true. I need to listen more. However...when the other person says "you can't trust anything the mainstream media says!"? How the heck do you have a conversation with someone who is convinced the sky is red? How do i work with the side who say " there is nothing you can show me that will convince me" ?

Yeah, i do put blame on the media. Y'all gave up on the truth. Yes, there will always be thoze who deny truth and loudly. It is the medias Job to stick to the truth, explain the truth and call people out with the truth. It takes effort. It takes vigilance. It takes decade of consistant answering back the conspiracies and hoaxes and oer misinformation. Aligators are not in sewers.

Yes, i get why you all stopped reading back at the top of this post. LoL