November 3rd, 2016



Things u should know-

The Cubs won!! Now i become an Indians fan until they win. Sheesh.

There is a picture of an 18 year oldgirl from Yemen who has been so starved by the should see.

Stonekettle Station has a Very Good post asking why a conservation should votefor Hill. It is long but worth it.

I already voted.

I'm on a kindle so cant see my typi g nor copy links. Suck it up buttercup!

Animated short "the color of evil" made me giggle
Animated short "dias de les muertos" (day ofthe dead) made me cry

I need to check on the animated movie "the book of life"

I really like george hamilton as a vampire. And zorro

Things i eant 2 know --
How do you feel about "things"? Do things transport you emotionally, spiritually, mentally to the past or exotic places simply by your being close to them? I dont mean like a painting of somewhere makes you think of it, i mean like do you imagine that you are standing in the painters footsteps and sering what they saw when they finally put the brush down- do you feel vloser to the painter? Do old trains make you imagine the glory days of traveling by rail? Or are things...just object? No more connection than anything rlse? What side do you fall on?

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It distresses me how much of this po!itical talk is based on race and to a lesser degre religion cuz well...They dont look like Us either.

Damn it. I'm an American. YOU get out of My country, you racist.

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Domeone @ work hads beemn putting hitler stickers up in the public garage stairwells. As that is public, mot orivate property i have been removing them.
Is what i tell mysrlf.
But the dirrty filthy truth is...if they were hill stickets i porob wouldnt.