September 11th, 2016


Well, just a moment of silence then.

tis Sept 11 and yes, tis right and fitting and important to pause and remember and be a bit emotional and somber.  My country was attacked.  People were murdered, American and a bunch of other nationalities.  Just mass killing.
And I'm not going to ponder the motives cuz it is not their day.  This is the victims' day.  People just living their lives.

Here's to them.  Here's to the survivors.  And to the rest of us as keepers of memory.

<.<  >.>
okay small mention that I do not like the memorial.  


I wonder if LJ has kept my Sept 11th posts from over the years.  Might be interesting to revisit.
I should check...

It only goes back to 2006?
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I'll keep this brief.
I was listening to some radio show with new age music on NPR (no, we don't much care which) and the host was talking about reflecting back on 9-11.

"We're all more angry and anxious than we were before 9-11"

Then he went on to "the lessons we had hoped we had learned"

Like how life is precious. How the little things that bug you really don't matter in the Big Picture. How we need to appreciate what is here and now. Who is with us here and now. Live in the here and now. Because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone.

That day when complete strangers reached out to each other and gave comfort because suddenly we were all connected. All the same. Use my cellphone. I'll give you a ride. I'll sit with you. All the barriers were down for a little while. Skin color. Money. Job. Religion. Gender. Orientation. Language. All that crap was GONE. What do you need? How can I help?

We knew who to blame. It wasn't a country. It wasn't a religion. It was a couple guys.

So that's what I'm going to try to remember today. The lessons of 9-11.

Be a little more excellent to each other. Because we've seen that we can.

To which 10th Doc replied that she remembers everyone lighting candles on 9/15 as a show of solidarity and how even Red Sox and Yankee fans were nice to each other.  For awhile.