December 8th, 2015


Beware Weird Hair politicians

What is it with politicians with weird hair?

Racist Son of a.  RACIST.  Elitist.  UNAMERICAN.
Little piece of paper (big actually) with the words CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.
It ain't just a ship name.  It defines WE, the people.  It is the words our military all swear to defend.

You stand up there and you yell and your excited crowds cheer.
Round up a religious group?  Register every member of a religious group?

Are we going to make them wear yellow stars?


I stand on top of my box and scream it.   YOU SHALL NOT.

a light goes on

While I suppose this does occur to me at some point every year at this time...

I think we should all get together with our local friends and family and do a CHRISTMAS CARD BOX EXCHANGE.
No, I don't mean sending cards.  I mean the damn cards always come in useless quantities and we all end up with extras and you don't want to send out te same card style you did /last/ year.  Instead of buying all new cards bring your boxes, trade your boxes and get FREE all new cards!

Go.  *handwave*

Music: Eric Clapton, Train to Nowhere.  dig it
Music Bad Boys Blue, Queen o Hearts  omg so 80s

The xmas song most often stuck in my head "Christmas Time Is Here"

gas is $2.26  except I go truck stop and pay $2.09!
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Resolution Update

I can now count 1-3 in...more languages than I can count!  All with my terrible American accent.  which is bad even in American!

Japanese, Russian, Korean, Lao, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, an arabic, yiddish, German, another Russian and...more

I can also count 1-10 in French, Hindi, Spanish, Manderin, Cantonese, Tagalo, and another eastern language I haven't identified. :)

In other news, I was reminded last week of my favorite Carol Burnett Show skit EVAH.  Slays me.  BEST.  Harvey steals it first and then loses it completely.  ROFL

*d   i   e   s*

Anyone getting the Monty Python dvds with the catapult?