August 4th, 2015



Swing swing swing mostly

   Caro Emerald.  her voice is awesome  A+

So there's this thing called Electro Swing.  I know, I'm behind the times but I have to have the college station play new music for me to hear it.  I'm surrounded by pop radio, country stations and conservative radio babble.  a little poking around Youtube and I bring these...

 Parov Stelar Trio.  Good music and the video is very pro animation. Rate it A-

 Swingrowers ... Pump Up the Jam.  they mix it in.  rate it a pretty solid A-

   Swingrowers.  More typical swing.  Good sound.  Rate it an A

   Caravan Soul - B+ A-  video is good

   Little Violet - rate it a B.  It's a bit too modern in flavor.  Needs some soul.  Go back and listen to Caro again.  ;)

   Swing Republic covers Crazy In Love.  I guess this is a thing now to swing out pop songs?  Cute.  B

You already know I like Rosevelt Dime.
   this is not one of their swing songs but it's catchy if country.  the video is cute.  Give it a B+

   Swing Ninjas and The Speakeasy Three are... I'll give them a B-.  Maybe I'm getting swing burnout?

   Going back to Caro Emerald!  Liquid Lunch.  this is how to swing.

Metal Mariachi band  Metalachi.  it's a thing.  LOL!

Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain.  Is pretty damn awesome.  Rate it A
     Shaft theme
James Hill Ukelele "billie jean".  How does he do it?  Skip forward until he starts playing.  A+
     bonus clip

  K, I divert to TED Talks.  some are good.  some are not.  if you click on Monica I will disown you.
  NPR featured a lecture by Luis von-Ahn, who invented "duolingo" the free language learning ap. (I wouldn't mention story if it wasn't good, right?)
       Listen to the story as it is only 8 min and the actual TED lecture is 16.  But, your call.



No music comments?  I know I prob posted it all before but...



(I miss having my music icon.  Le sigh)