November 25th, 2014


Holderness Family

I'm not sure that's how they spell it, but...

They are pretty awesome!
If you have kids you will LOL at

Even if you don't have kids.  I laughed quite a bit.  I'm telling you, Weird Al watches these videos and he laughs too.  Watch a bunch of them.  Go ahead!

Oh for Ben Cumberbatch fans - he was on NPR radio for an 8 minute interview.

Just a note to myself: I think "Best Day of My Life" is probably my favorite song this past year or so simply because I'm not sick of hearing it yet.  It isn't as dance-y as my other favorites, nor as catchy, but that may be why.


See?  YOu're warned.

However BoredPanda site reminded me that Nov 25th is declared Stop Violence Against Women day.  (Not sure how I feel about declaring days for things but that's another post.)

If you can stand the images - click.  Remember it is make-up and ART.

If you're not ready for such heavy things at this hour (whichever hour) try