November 4th, 2014


Weight Loss

So...a little over a year ago I lost 20 pounds.  I'm 5'6 and went from over 168 down to maybe 145  Maybe less at one point.
I wasn't trying to lose weight.  That's the frustrating part.
(And the weight is back now, as I expected.)

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Doctor Who...again

Someone mentioned how scary the last episode of DW was.  Well, frankly, if you've been keeping up with me you know I haven't been keeping up on DW.  I haven't watched since...Doc10?  I don't know, they royally screwed over Donna and I quit trying to watch.  Still...curiousity.  I have just been over to the BBC site and watched the trailer clip for the last episode.  Hmm.  Cybermen.  Again.  Don't know what's so scary about that.  But PeterC looks interesting.  Far more than Smith did.  I haven't seen a thing with Smith.  Perhaps I'll knock him out of my cannon all together.  <.<  >.>  (beware of fangirls.)
The new tardis also looks interesting.  It's a bit...I dunno, big?  My TARDIS has a control panel in the middle and /maybe/ a chair.  These new ones are warehouses of cables and unnecessary blinky lights.  Techno.  It's the bridge of a ship driven by one person.  It requires a wheel and a view screen.  Heck, don't honestly need the wheel because she's apt to...
hey, I just realized something from a clip I just saw - the new TARDIS /talks/???  Since when does she talk??  I suppose I can live with that but really wth is that?
Do like the kid.  Doctor can have a kid along.  Sick to death of idiots trying to make the Doc 'dance'.  Pah-lease, don't be so pah-thetic.  Fangit.

so, yes, in a nutshell (hey I'm in a nutshell!) - I might check out the new new DW if/when it comes out on disc, cuz that's all the access I can get.  Ta for the tip.