June 29th, 2014


Miss me? No.

I don't know why i bother with sticky.  Let's not.

June.  Last original post was April.  busy busy.  Work.  Business trip.  Yadda yadda.  Now family stuff.
[edit: No, not June.  it's July in another day. Crap!]

Gas is $3.91  can you believe.  Of course you can.

Got the marble tiles out of storage and the cat is lounging on them already.  Much cooler.  I may purchase another layer to improve the heat sink.  i do keep a pot of water on one end of the tiles as well.  Yes, my cat lounges on upscale, imported, f-ing GREEK MARBLE.  He don't need eat outta no crystal dish.

I must go be social.  I think part of the problem there is that I am forced to be social all day long at work.  I kinda don't have anything left for non-work.  :P   Dread.

Music:  John Boutte "Good Neighbor".  cute lyrics.