September 25th, 2012


kathleen turner at the national press club

Did I mention I watched this? It was on cspan or something.

My admiration for this woman is pegged very high now. (psst, I'm a Liberal.)

I will point out in case you miss it, (which you won't because My friends are WAY above average brainpower vs the rest of the intersnit,) that the delightful Kathleen played a very strongminded southern woman in a production which got her much acclaim and she sometimes puts that accent on here for the effect. I didn't see the performance, but I suspect she not only nailed it, but enjoyed being her immensely. A very lonnnnng youtube. 58 minutes.

Shall I also mention that my hair can sometimes do that Kathleen Turner wave n curl? :)
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Elementary on TV

Again, before I lose my posting abilities...

I shall post here about the Elementary TV show when it comes on later this week.

And I do think it is kinda funny that Benedict played Sherlock on the BBC and then costarred in the stage play Frankenstein and now his costar will play sherlock in Elementary. Circular logic. ;)