May 4th, 2012


f y i organ donating

I have perfume! and you don't. :P

I was reading an article on organ donation and, not to scare you off, the medical people were saying that they do organ harvesting on 'breathing corpses' once brain death has been declared. It is declared after there is no activity in the brain stem. However - they don't check for activity in the rest of the brain which often still shows some signs of activity. Now it isn't as if people come back from brain stem death, it is just that these 'breathing corpses' do sometimes show a reaction to being operated on. Which tends to freak out some medical professionals and I can't blame them. There is some pushing going on to have organ harvesting done only under the proper anesthetics (for the donor!) Yes, it is often done without cuz...brain death, right?
What is even more disturbing is that if medical people think you might undergo organ harvesting - your body gets TOP NOTCH medical treatment. They jack you up as healthy as they can get your breathing corpse, damn the cost. Doesn't seem quite right to me.
All of this, plus skin grafts, plus my age, plus doctors getting RICH off 'donations' = I'm second guessing donating.

Did I mention this before?
Did I mention that pneumonia is not a pleasant way to die? I'm now of the opinion that the vast majority of people die painful and lingering deaths. Inglorious. Welcome to earth.

Lives of quiet desperation.

media rant

Someone at work attempted to point out that the media is now InfoTainment because...we're all plugged in. The news used to have reporters who would submit their stories to an editor who would sort out what was important and run that story. Now the news media is feeding us BradJolina and OctoMom because that is what the public clicks on. It is what we demand.
Um, no. Cut the crap. Media RESPONCIBILITY.
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tell all!

Now onto my fluff piece:
If you were to write one, what would be the highlight of your memoire? (sp)
Funny how the things that you used to be embarrassed by "Yes I did that" are now the things you smirk about "Yes! I did that!"