March 23rd, 2012


New sign of Spring


In the basement at my folks' house. Opened the dryer door. Out plopped a thin black band. Not a fan belt. I was surprised to say the least.

Went looking for something to use to pick it up and dispose of it...when it moved its head. Okay, change of plans! Plus now I felt bad that it had dropped head first onto the cement floor. Poor thing.

I pause to mention that it was glassy black and moved /beautifully/ when it got going.

I coaxed it onto a paper bag and held it in place, kinda, with a roll of paper long enough to drop it into a glass jar. Which was cold. Poor thing. Released it outside in the long grass of the garden. I hope it wasn't too cold for it at 9pm.

By the way, if such a thing happens to you I caution you to GOOGLE what it is and THEN release it. I mean, you never know, you know? I thought mine was black all the way around.

Turned out well anyway, fingers crossed. I wish the little one a good long happy life.