December 10th, 2011


DOOM countdown

Before we get into 2012, I feel I should remind y'all that we have approx 1 year until DOOM. Remember? So make the most of it.

Ran - you were going to be a mad scientist competion team and build a boat or something. What happened with that?

shuffle to the left, to the left, to the left...

(that's the Cupid Shuffle, in case you missed it)

I'm very much thinking of switching to "Independent" for the up-coming (gee only 11 months?) election.
I shall put on piles of mascara and white knit gloves and carry a fan and declare myself "Undecided" with coy flirtations so that all will come a-courting. My gentlemen callers and their silver tongues.

Our political system is fubar. I mean, seriously, your vote counts or doesn't count depending upon your geography in the country? That is strait up Fubar.