September 11th, 2011


okay here it is

You can maybe scroll back in my account to read what I wrote that day. That beautiful blue day. Paper fluttering like handkerchiefs waving.

The news this week has once again shown some of the pictures of people jumping and falling. This has been a gentleman's agreement to NOT show since a few days after, due to this being a horribly last image to have of your loved one as well as pretty sick voyeurism that we do not need to indulge. But it is also important to remember so we're seeing it again. I can cope.

Today I am going to say that the memorial is weak. From the first pictures - I hated it. Lame! Fountains? Bah! I have now managed to sit through a tv special that /explains/ the thing. I hate art that needs an explaination, don't you? But the idea is that where there was stuff there is now a void. What was up is now a hole. A divot. Here's the weird part. The fountain part is water falling in a curtain from the walls down into the square footprint where it will fall again down into a small square in the middle. Seeing it in motion I realize the city will be reflected in those curtains of water. As the water falls. This water is going to be perpetually falling into the footprint of what was. The building is going to be perpetually falling in on itself.
I find this incredibly damn creepy.
If I were a discontented spirit I would find it intensely disturbing to be stuck in that spot with things constantly falling. *shudder*