September 3rd, 2011


long hard road

the 9 11 stuff has started and I'm already sick of it. I'm trying really hard to have the break-through realization that somewhere out there are people who actually DO need to be reminded.
I'll prob post something on the date.

*ponder* It's 11 pm and someone in this building is hammering. WTF?

Moon Festival

Anyone know about this?
Okay I know a lot gets lost in translation, but I am trying to figure out what the legend(s) is behind this Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. There are many versions online and I'm struggling to find one that makes sense. Near as I can gleen these things are constistant...

There's an archer.
His wife.
He is given a magic pill of immortality for doing a great deed.
She swallows the pill and floats up to the moon. (for various reasons)
Once a year he gets to visit her. (Guess when!)

So...if he still visits her once a year, why did he ever need a pill of immortality in the first place?

I do like this version.

And I like the story about the Mongols and the secret mooncake messages, but that's another tale.