August 29th, 2011


after algebra

WIND. Rain. More wind. Everyone knows it's Windy. Then the rain stopped and the sun didn't come out but it was, in perspective, nice out. Still humid as heck. News was saying how most of the state didn't have power. Hopped online to blog "I don't know about you, but I've still got power" when...

Yes. Hubris strikes again.

So am now elsewhere for the moment. Taking a shower and doing laundry and doing the big "you okay?" email. Power is still out in most of the state but that's okay because it IS 5 million people without power on the east coast and that takes time to repair and we all prepared for that. RIGHT? Obviously.

Though I have to say - burning Yankee Candles for /light/ instead of just scent means they are cooking probably longer than they should and boy do they STINK UP THE JOINT. Weew! Stuffy. Did learn the secret to good candle burn is a super short wick. Like 1/5 of an inch. If you want smoking and dancing you should find a better party.

Power out. Trees down. Leaf debris /everywhere/. Branches down. Power lines down. But in perspective it really is far less than I expected. I mean it is mostly leaves. Eh. More rake than chainsaw.

Went for a walk (what else was there to do) and talked to neighbors. Which I kinda regret cuz I'm a social misfit, but that's another tale. Took pictures of the 2 downed trees. Read.

Will see if my solar lights work tonight now that they've charged up a bit. No, not enough to read by but nice to have non-stinky light that isn't smothering the air.

Before I get sued - the candles smell nice. I just wouldn't recommend burning them in enclosed areas for hours at a time.

The hurricane brought thick humid tropical air. Guh. Oppressive. Inherent in the system...

I packed an emergency kit. 3 actually. One in the car. One in the house. In case something happened to either. One for the cat. Which is a great idea and I support it enough to recommend everyone always have one ready, but the problem is that /should/ something happen *knock on wood that it doesn't* but have to locate the cat and put cat in box. And really, when there is an emergency what likelyhood is it that the cat will run and hide somewhere? High. Because that's what the kitty emergency manual says to do. Hide and reject any attempts to be lured out /even by canned food/. They take their manual stuff seriously.