April 7th, 2011


problem located above keys

Okay...2nd sign that owning a whizz-bangy $1000 worth of speedy-spiff computer does NOT actually help and may in fact make you worse. Much like having that 5th cup of coffee, it only allows you to do stupid things faster. My coworker took important paperwork, scanned it into his computer, and did not actually read it for accuracy. Which leads me merrily along to the (misguided) belief that maybe my typing everything into a word processor by hand, and therefore /reading/ it in context, ain't such a bad thing after all.
Another coworker did not read the note I jotted on the copy I handed her which led to yet another month of work going down the drain. Seriously. *whoosh*
Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I attempted to delegate. I really believe I've had reason enough to delegate this past month. I'm not taking the fall on this one either.

In a related story - Day 2 without anyone calling with an update.

The Man From UNCLE

My 'regular readers' can ignore this. For those just tuning in - Yes my life is currently a stressball. I realize that my re-interest in Man From UNCLE (among others) is at least partly due to my wanting childhood heroes. However, I think I last saw the shows in limited run repeats back in the 80s. So that's once or twice in my lifetime. I've never seen some episodes at all. I'm going on my fuzzy but fond memories. Which should tell you how my impressionable wittle mind imprinted on them. Kind of like how our musical tastes form at a certain age? It may evolve from there - but certain songs or music styles will always hold a special place.
blah blah blah. ;)