November 24th, 2007


one day more

and I'm exhausted from the effort of being Cheerful and Happy and Confident. Did I mention I have depression?

One more day and if these blue banded boobs don't f-ing CHEER UP and act like the f-ing WINNING TEAM I am going to strangle them. Each of them. Individually. To my great satisfaction. We set the tone. Set it right! They will follow.
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Mockwoods held seperate meetings for the Asian dealers in this anti-Union drive.
"Only Americans" in one meeting. "Yellow skins" in another.

Yes, apparently it was said with those words.

They suck. Keep checking the news.


They start countin the votes

I'm ... I don't know what I am.

I'm going to watch Danny Kaye and then head out to what will hopefully be a Victory party.