March 18th, 2007


St Patrick's today - St Joseph's tomorrow

Kiss me I'm Irish! (And a good kisser.)
This day always makes me think of the few Irish songs I know. Usually top of my list is "Seven Old Ladies". A song that I heard with my Gran while having lunch in a pub in Quincy Market, Boston. Service was so slow and the song selections so small that we heard it several times before we'd finished the meal. But it was a good meal!

I was listening to The Thistle and Shamrock show on NPR on the way home, to keep the mood. Followed by Acoustic Connections. Good stuff. Thing that struck me is how most of these songs about Ireland are from the point of view of those who have left it behind. The songs are full of longing and homesickness and the hope of returning that is always married to the knowledge that they will never afford the trip home. *sob* Damn good thing the rest of the songs are about drinking! ;)


(Completely Off Topic: I love 'new age' music. Love. It's what I sleep to and massage to and otherwise do the Zen thing.)

Back on topic, sort of. A joke from the Acoustic show.

Murphy and O'Brian are sitting sharing a pint in the pub. O'Brian says, "Murphy what's the matter?"
Murphy says, "I must make a trip to Spain in the morning and I'm afraid because I don't speak the language."
O'Brian says, "Just speak very slowly and they'll have understand you plain enough."
This makes Murphy feel a touch better and he makes the trip and when he gets there he goes to a restaurant and when the waiter comes up he says, ""
And the waiter goes off and comes back with a pint.
Murphy says, ""
And the waiter says, "You're...welcome."
Murphy then tells the waiter, ""
The waiter replies, ""

wait for it.

Murphy looks up at the waiter, Collapse )
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More Irish songs

What songs do you think of? Other than Irish Eyes Are Smiling?

I like
"Oh it is the biggest mix-up that you have ever seen,
My father, he was Orange and me mother, she was Green..."
(Personal favorite line from?)
"And me being strictly neutral, I bashed everyone in sight!"

Gene Kelly dancing and singing in Take Me Out To The Ballgame (1949)
"It's the hat, me dear old Father wore, upon St Patrick's Day..."

I miss watching Silly Wizard perform on PBS. *SIGH*

Tom Lehrer (yay!) claims this is an Irish song. Heh.
"About a maid, I'll sing a song. Sing Rickety Tickety tin..."

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