January 17th, 2007


blah blah blah

I'm not looking forward to spending a week locked up with my parents.
It's getting colder. Water puddles are freezing over. No snow yet.
Martin Luther King Day is a "peak day" where we get punished for calling out. In fact, the whole 3 day weekend is. So was New Years weekend. So will be President's Day and the Super Bowl weekend. Only on the day of an actual holiday do we get holiday pay. People made a lot of talk about how "you knew what you were getting when you took the job". No, we really didn't. Peak days keep multiplying.
I'm stressing about cleaning my house so that someone can cat sit. It is severe stress.
Boy cat has lost a front claw. Ripped out somehow. Poor thing. It isn't too painful to touch, but it's got to suck when you're an outdoor cat with enemies.
Men are annoying me.
My car is distressed. I do not have the energy to get it fixed.
I have yet to cash last year's tax check.
I'm the only one of the family, STILL, to have sent around holiday pictures. Did I mention?
I have STILL not sent out xmas presents.
I'm trying not to think about the concert I'll miss in February. Le sigh.

AgentCompassion introduced me to Dollies. Computer paper dolls. Actually, I poked around with them long ago but they were not this sophisticated. It is a Time Sucker. It is COMPUTER CRACK. Over 1,000 options for shoes? OMG!
*is sucked into the dollie void of brainless clicking*

It amuses me to revisit hairstyles I have had. And deeply
I know. I know. I can hear you. "Where is it so that I can have MY brains sucked out?" and "I want to make dollies of my fandoms!... And do kinky things with them. No. Wait, can I?"

If you want to make doll head icons of your friends, flattering or not...


*waits for all you non-chavs to boast of immunity*

Le sigh.
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