November 26th, 2006


Family Fun Day (part 1)

So, by now you've learned that my Uncle is visiting from far away land called Hawaii. He wanted to come visit my workplace. My parents said they would come along too. (I've held my parents off for years so I rather assume they jumped at the chance to exploit the Uncle visit.)
Last night at midnight I read my Father's last email before he went to bed and it said that they'd be in town around noon. So got up /early/ today to get everything ready. I warned my bosses. I was anxious and distracted all day long waiting for them to appear. And waiting. And waiting.
Yes, correct. They did not appear.
I got home today to find my Mother had called /after/ I had left for work to say that they were too tired from visiting my brother's family for Thanksgiving and they'll be coming up to torture...err see me on Sunday.
F*cking yay. Because god knows I feel so much better about this visit with a full 24 hours of anxiety under my belt!

On the plus side I got a neckrub from one of the bosses who understood about the whole parent visit=stress thing. *biggrin*

I'm not the most reliable person, I know this. This tap dance is probably retaliation for my canceling my two day visit down to one day. But you know what? I don't have to come visit at all.

Lovely start to the holiday season. Yes. I think I will be doing a lot of shopping for myself this year.
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