November 21st, 2006


Fact #5 about me

I think I'm up to #5

Apparently I read books unlike anyone else I know.

I never start at the beginning. Can't do it. Writers are wasting my time. I always open the book roughly 1/4th of the way in and start there. If nothing catches my interest I'll skip ahead another 30-ish pages to try again. If the writer can not hold my attention by the character's actions then the book gets tossed aside. Authors get bogged down in the set-up. 1/4th of the way in the characters are doing things.
Eventually, if I like the story, I'll fill in the parts I skipped.

Yet my reading comprehension scores have always been tops. Go figure.

Maybe it's like a 007 movie opening. You don't need to know who Bond is or why he's sneaking around or who is shooting at him. You just enjoy the ride until the opening credits.
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Vacation and the Big Bosses

Work has been messing with the employees for a little over a year now. Badly. We've probably lost a good 1/3rd of the work force to firings and people getting damn well fed up. The Big Bosses are happy with all the money they are 'saving'. They are pissed off at the money WE are not /making/ due to this. They do not see the connection probably due to them not being shown the connection. There are the number crunchers in the middle collecting BIG bonuses for the 'saving' and blaming others, like the regular employees, for the failures. Welcome to the corporate world.
But now they are outright STEALING from the employees. They have canceled vacation time. Anyone who has vacation time saved up over a certain number of hours - loses that vacation time January 1st. And we can't take vacation because that's too many people taking vacation all at once. They won't allow it. Sorry, schmucks! You only work for us and...we just don't feel like paying you. It's inconvenient. Short notice? Yes. Suck it up. Happy Fracking Holidays!

Before you say it - Yes, this is apparently legal.

And get this, they've put out a memo to remind us that our Christmas Bonus is entirely optional and that we should be damn thankful that they felt generous enough to give it out this year. Seriously.

Did I mention they are also cutting our benefits? Again? Slaves are too damn expensive!

Honestly, I feel like I'm back in the start of the Industrial Age. Immigration included. I'm surprised those war profiteers and slave riders weren't beheaded in the streets.

Course there's still time...

Which reminds me, did you hear that one of the Enron executives died while trying to appeal his conviction ~ so by law he gets his guilty verdict canceled? WTF is THAT??
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