November 18th, 2006


Got Painting?

Over my weekend I went to visit my Uncle, my Gran mother's cousins. Not sure what that makes them to me, but I have no idea what to call them. Cousin is probably right, but it doesn't feel right. Then again it feels wrong to call them by their first names too so no win there.
More later.

While I was in the neighborhood I swung up to the British Import store and then back down to the art supply story. Picked up several canvases, a couple brushes, and a starter kit of paints. Today I ran into the friend at work just as we were both leaving for the day. "I've got stuff for you!" I pointed. "What? What?"

As it happens, he has a car again so was in the same parking lot. Woo! Dug out the bag o goodies and presented it. He was VERY CONFUSED at the present and somewhat touched. "WHY are you giving me this?!" And someone else there said, "It's therapy!" Which it is. I didn't want to go into why he needs therapy in front of others though. Now the hard part will be digging out my Bob Ross video tapes and making a tape for him. If I've enough complete episodes to make it worthwhile.

So fingers crossed on this weird gesture on my part actually being a positive thing in his life. I'm not asking for it to be all "I'm all better now thanks!" but maybe it will be the little ice crystal that gets the snowball started. Even just knowing that there's a weird chick like me out there who still gives enough of a crap to buy ya a weird present out of nowhere.

Yes. Sometimes I /am/ that tiny bit of the universe that gives you something out of nowhere, that you've no real use for, for no real reason, and leaves you so confused you're not even sure if you should be happy about it.

My work here is done. *capeflap*
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