September 1st, 2006



First - I read journals. I'm just too chicken to post. Hope the good thoughts get through with out text support. ;)

Now back to journaling.

I went clothes shopping Tuesday for I needed shopping therapy and black dress pants for work uniform. Which means Dress Barn. What? I'm going to shop at Walmart or one of those Size 3 Only shops in the strip mall? Yeah, don't think so. I do like going into those shops and scaring the staff. A little trick I picked up from a comedienne. Pick up small, preferably hideously expensive scrap of clothing. "I'd like to try this on." ShopGIRL, "Um, I'm not sure we have that in your size." "No, I want to try THIS on." ShopGIRL, *sputter* *fluster*. Then when you get into the dressing room you shut the door and make lots of huffing sounds while you bang the walls and perhaps tear a few pieces of paper. No, I don't go that far, but the thought makes me laugh. After enough times of some ShopGIRL smirking and asking if I'm shopping for my daughter...I've been tempted.

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I've 3 bolts of fabric sitting by the door. If I made one outfit out of them it would be a very pretty and horribly TACKY Ren Fair outfit. *sigh* As if I could resist a free roll of gold lame'. "You're throwing that OUT???"

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Quarterly Meeting

Today I took off work early so I could finally attend one of the quarterly meetings. Supposedly this is where they explain much of what is going on above the heads of we schleppy little worker ants. They schedule these meetings to cleverly avoid the maximum number of employees. Couple thousand people at work at that time and less than 100 attending. See, those mucky-mucks have skills.

The meeting involved saying goodbye to our old president and welcoming in our new president. (Out with Mister Smarmy and in with Mister Tight Fist. Happy happy joy.) Then they showed us our new 'management structure' which was just an incomplete list of the main departments and then they brought out 3 of the new Vice Presidents for us to welcome. I took notes. Shouldn't have bothered.

What a waste of time. At least they served soda and cookies. And they had a couple quick games of Bingo for $250 each. No, I didn't win.

Strangely enough they failed to mention that they are laying off another entire department by the end of September. Hey what's a few hundred employees between moguls? They did mention that they were disappointed in our progress this year. We're not meeting our expected target. We're only doing slightly better than last year. Apparently they believed that the other firings and stopping all of OUR 'perks' for the remaining employees and cutting our benefits would magically increase our productivity and improve our friendly customer service! :)

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Oh yes, and they also failed to mention that the new work schedule computer system is going active this weekend and now we've a whole great big bunch of ways for them to screw us over! Yay! More perks gone! Yay! New ways to be fired! Yay!

"You shouldn't judge it before you've tried it." "I'm sorry, did you say I shouldn't figure out the many new ways to screw that you're implementing before you've had a chance to get it up and running long enough to test how well it will screw us so you can then claim there's no possible way for you to switch back?"
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