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Trinity Blood

It's an anime on cartoon network. I'm told it is not popular. Whatever.

From the first episode I got this:
The main character, Able Nightroad is introduced as a cute, somewhat awkward man of indeterminate age. He is charming, amiable, funny, soft-spoken and the kind of guy who needs help getting his act together.
Of course when people start getting killed, he's suddenly intelligent, informed, serious and very capable of taking care of himself and others.
When he gets one on one with the bad guys we discover he is hiding incredible powers and he KICKS ARSE.

Kind of like...The Doctor. Okay, not all Docs but many of them. Or maybe it's just me. But I like the 3 levels. The Why We Put Up With Him. The Why We Need Him. The Holy Crap Don't Mess With That Alien!
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