alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

For Alden

Because he got my mind wandering down corridors it should not.

Ever think that when Alexander Bell invented the phone - he actually invented the phones? Wonder how many people invented the phone and then thought it was broken because no one ever called them? Which means that Bell actually invented the intercom. Then sat around in his office until someone else invented the phone book. How long before Bell made the first crank call?
"Come here! I need you!"
"I'm not falling for that again!"

Or was that the first phone sex?
"Come here! I need you!"
"You know it's not Friday night, Alex."

In other news: To the news groupies who keep trying to tell us that things were 'tougher' during The Great Depression... THATS WHY IT IS CALLED 'THE GREAT DEPRESSION'. Morons.
Tags: i-say

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