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yes, I have phobias but who doesn't

Okay, karma is having WAY too much fun with me.
Good news: I dropped off two rolls of film to be developed then went down to the park to take EVEN more pictures. (Giving in and calling this an official 'Hobby'.) I found the most AWESOME THING. Which is on the film being developed by tomorrow. If any of the pictures come out well, I may be hitting you guys up for your photoshop skills because the image may need this one little tweak. Woo! :)

Bad news: Outdoors is nice. I love the woods. I also have a PHOBIA of ticks. But I'm stubborn, I do not appreciate fear trying to make decisions for me, and I want to walk in the damn woods and take pictures! Yes, I picked up a tick and this was /after/ I showered. *shudder* One. So far. *shudder* I don't know where it is in the room. *SHUDDER* Oh I totally put the cats in front of me when there's a tick. I have no shame. Fear, yes. Shame, not so much.

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