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Haunted Houses

Because I'm going to be in the Halloween mood all month.

USA Today did a story on the popularity of the Haunted House attractions across the country. I've almost never been in a haunted house ride. My friends dragged me, pretty literally, into one when we were all in high school. I kept my eyes closed the entire time. See, even with running out of the room during the gory parts of horror movies on TV, (I've never seen one in the theater,) I learned the important horror movie rules. Such as...When the guy with the axe comes at you - You beat the SNOT out of him! Hit him hard, hit him fast and hit him again until he is jello. Then you stand over the jello and if any glop of it wiggles HIT IT AGAIN. Stilettos are not for tripping. They are for gouging out eyes!

So my not going into haunted houses is not really for my benefit as much as to save the lives of actors who might be mistaken for psychotic ax murderers.

But if YOU like to go or know people who get off on this stuff, here's the list from USA on houses that have websites.

Reprinted from

Headless Horseman, Ulster Park NY. "An incredible haunted hayride, massive corn maze and several haunted houses."

Netherworld, Atlanta GA. "They might have the best makeup crew in the industry."

The Darkness, St.Louis. "Unmatched scenic design" (videotour at

Bates Motel, Glen Mills, PA. "Awesome hayride that features more pyrotechnics than a KISS concert"

Rocky Point Haunted House, Salt Lake City. "50,000 sqft of realistic Hollywood-based themes"

Shocktoberfest, Reading, PA. "3 haunted attractions, including 3-D maze"

Fright World, Buffalo, NY. "5 haunted houses inside 1 massive 50,000 sqft building"

Horror Hotel, Chatfield, OH. "Owned and operated by a real-life Addams Family."

Dead Acres, Columbus, OH. "Increadible attention to detail..both indoors and outdoors in the elements."

Erebus, Pontiac, Mich. "We've all heard the slogan If you survive, and at the Erebus, they actually mean it."

Seven Floors of Hell, Berea, OH. "7 haunted houses" (no, really?)

Haunted Overload, Exeter, NH. "A home-based haunted house with more care and attention to detail than 90% of professional attractions"

USS Nightmare, Newport, KY. "Built on a turn-of-the-century steamboat"

Las Vegas Haunts, know where. "They take old semi-truck trailers and turn them into haunted houses"
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