alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Casanova part 1

Opening credits brought this thought. There should be more scenes of The Doctor running flat out through a town. Not the running 10 feet and the cut to running another 10 feet, etc etc. I mean real full tilt running. Coat not just flapping but flying up wings.

Another thought. "If you say stop, I'll stop. But I can't stop...hoping."
This Is A Great Line.

"She doesn't have to marry. She could just run." "Oh you could do that, sir. A man could do it easily, yeah. But for a woman it's the convent or the whorehouse."

The Stories. They are about love and loss, aren't they? Are there great loves without loss? Would we care?

Last thought. I don't much like The Doctor being a physician.

Lied. Last thought is that The Doctor should wear tall leather boots. Yes.
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