alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

the death of summer

Sunday: driving across the state. Admiring the thick, dense, darkly green foliage along the way. Yep, this state is very jungle-like thanks in part to kudzu.

Tuesday: driving back across the state. Trying to find a place to take a picture that will capture the jungle essence. But the trees look wrong. The rich green looks...gray. WTH? I even pull over to see if it is the position of the sun. Nope. This can only mean one thing. NO! I deny it! Deny! Then I see it. Undeniable in its existence. Flaunting, taunting me from the heights. The sun hitting it perfectly so that it glows like nature's own neon sign.
6 yellow leaves. The tip of one branch. Yellow.
Autumn. Fall. The leaves have turned.

Damnit I am not through with summer! I have more film!


(Yeah but how often do you /notice/ the day it changes?)

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