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TV Shows

I'm not one to rush home to watch a TV show. At least, not any longer. There are shows that I will try to remember to watch. If I miss them, I'm not too upset. This is not simply the result of repeats and has nothing to do with DVD releases for I do no purchase them. Mostly, I suppose, it is a result of uninteresting shows with characters that do not grab me, coupled with everyone having a way to record the shows so there is no longer a need for the water cooler recap. Do you remember those? I do.

Shows that I want to watch:
Good Eats
CSI Vegas
Shark (It's new and not awful.)
Doctor Who (The only show I bother taping. Have I watched my tapes? No.)
Trinity Blade

Shows that I will watch:
Animal Cops (whichever)
Cooking Competitions
Kim Possible
Law & Order (any of them)
Something vaguely interesting on Discovery or History
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (but my tolerance is shaky)

There's a new show with John Lithgow that I want to catch if I can find it. And I'd like to watch Lost, but I haven't and I simply refuse to tape it. *shrug*

Shows that I would watch IF I could get them:
The Avengers
The Prisoner

Shows that I find myself watching because I'm too lazy to change the channel:
What Not To Wear
Project Runway
many home decorating shows
many food shows
many animal planet shows
many...Disney shows. Okay! I confess!

Shows I will not watch!
'reality' 'game' shows. *horror scream*

At least I've escaped Home Shopping Channel :>
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