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Okay, if you have not trained your dog to listen to you - DO NOT INVITE ME OVER. Because I have the urge to train your dog for you and you won't like that. No one ever does.
It's this thing I have. If you tell your dog to sit - the dog should sit. I believe dogs should be trained. Sit, down, come here, stay, heel, drop it, NO. At the very least.
Should you choose not to train your dogs then do not demonstrate this by giving them orders they will ignore. Either sit is important or it is not. Make up your mind.
Probably why I own cats...and want to kill them. ;)

In other news: Quite like the tune for "I kissed a girl" (the NEW version) but find the lyrics pathetic in their denial. Much prefer the other version. (...and I'd do it again.)
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