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DNA for fun and profit

I stumbled across this article tonight. Thought it was interesting so I'm sharing. It's about the new DNA test that is supposed to estimate your ethnic background by matching how many genetic markers you share with different races. I did watch a PBS show on this awhile ago actually. Different blacks, some famous, were seeing where they originated from in Africa etc. The software is based on samples taken from around the world to try to pinpoint what gene markers are from where.
Anyway this article is about people using this information for profit whether it is trying to claim some Indian casino money or getting a scholarship.

Hope that works. I can't read a pdf file so sorry for the extra long url.

In other news, my region is expecting temps in the 100s tomorrow and I think I shall come home to flat cats. I fear putting the air conditioner in the window for it may fall out and damage the window whatever it hits outside. And then the cats will jump out of the open window to their doom. I fear leaving the fans on for they may spontaneously short out and burn the place down. I've a lot of fears. I should stop watching Monk and grow some baseballs. Get a grip, woman! Reality Bus! *beep beep* Climb on board! :)

But I'm still anxious.

In other other news, I made some icons and I stole one from we_love_alton (Rarr!). Go lookee. I am suspicious of getting the bigger LJ. (I know, 'grow some baseballs'.)

And speaking of suspicious and notes to myself - I need to look up some voting records for my Senators so I can be positive that I'm not talking out of my hat when I do my little rant dance in public. *rant dance*

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