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Yay! I get to use this icon!
Giant ego + Low self-esteem = I'm the problem! You're talking about ME! I'm the most worthless person in the universe!
Odd combo, isn't it?

I've talked to other day shift people and I know I'm not the only one having trouble but I /feel/ like the only one.

Look, I'm trying. I feel chucked into the deep end, but I'm dog paddling. I can't get the f-ing keys to work, but I'm getting better. I do try to alert swing shift if I've had problems with boxes - and I'm made to feel like shite when I do. This job didn't come with instructions. No one gave me a map. No one is terribly forthcoming with the info. "However it works for you. You'll figure it out" isn't entirely helpful. Maybe there should be a special booklet for newbies with the insider tips and a training period of more than 1 collection?
So yes, I'm sorry if I put pressure on swing shift. BUT, in my defense, I am going to point out that I do my rounds after 5 o'clock as I'm supposed to and I can not be held responsible when we get busy at 7pm and that box fills up. That is when customers come in. I can't see how emptying the 10 chips out of the box at 6pm is going to be that big of a help. That's the 10 chips that collected in the 6 hours of my shift. If it becomes 60 chips in the last hour - what can I do? What?
Yes, I do 2 collections on the weekend. It takes me 30-35 minutes to complete the area. I can't help that the second collection takes me less than the full 20 minutes. It doesn't make the first 20 minutes any easier. I completely WRECK my bag people. No one wants to collect with me. Frankly, trying to be fair and find people who have never collected before also slows things down because they don't know what they are doing or how heavy that bag gets.
No, the floors and pit bosses do NOT get out of my way.
No, my fellow dealers do NOT understand that my collecting break is important and I need it.
No, my fellow toke people are not helping me.

The one time I tried to be nice and do a last quick collection of the big stuff to help swing shift out - I got hauled on the carpet for stepping on swing shift's toes. So WTF people.

Rather try to find out what the problems are and work on how to solve them together.

Meanwhile I am going to go in and ask what happened to the people I was supposed to be /temporarily/ replacing...

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