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snork snork

Apparently I have a body built for snorkeling. I float like a cork. Bloop!
I like snorkeling, but I'm paranoid about the sea life sneaking up on me. Like THIS one. Floating along and out of the corner of my mask I see this swishy green thing coming RIGHT AT ME. It looked in my mask.
"Ooo I should get a picture..."

Were you expecting a picture of the teeth? Don't be stupid. I wasn't. It was a big damn eel. About 6 feet long. I have no idea why the picture came back with a red eel as the eel was the normal green color so I tried to tweak it in photoshop.

Hanauma Bay is nice. Here are not my pictures.
Much coral. Many, many feesh.
"Ooo that's a pretty fish." *click*
"Hey, that's a BIG fish." *click*
"OMG that's a BIG FISH!" *swim away! swim away!*
After about an hour of bobbing around I was wondering why I was Claustrophobia? Nah. Snorkel not getting enough air? Nope. Swimsuit too clingy? No. Seasick? AH HA!

ooo...feel not good at all...

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