alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

doctor who

Happy St Joseph's day

and because I really want it to happen...

*Gnasty aliens gloat over their super-cool gizmo of destruction*
Doctor,"That is a magnificent machine. Really, top notch effort. Just hang on one little tick..."
*Doctor turns to companion and borrows...the cellphone. He dials.*
"Hello, Jack? It's The Doctor! Nice to hear you too!"
*Doctor chats. Notices the gnasty aliens are glaring.*
"Sorry. Jack, bit pressed for time here. You know the blue glowing thing you keep in your desk? Top left. Yes, would you smash it with a hammer? Right away. Please."
*Doctor fixes his tie*
"It is? Fantastic! Thank you. Ring you back."
*Doctor hangs up*
*Gnasty aliens cry as their super-cool toy refuses to destroy*
Companion, "Doctor, how could that possible work? They've been assembling this machine for eons and Jack's on earth in the...OW!"
*Companion grabs suddenly painful brow.*
Doctor rocks back on his heels, "Yes, temporal headache. Temporal lobe. Try not to think about it so close to the event. all."
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