alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Work W T H ?

This was just posted for we employees to see

We needed this 20 years ago. Even 2 years ago
Tags: work whines

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    Prob going to hunker in today... 2 weeks ago I already gave the work day to someone else so no free day off for me. So far. Figures! Everybody…

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    Aw crap. 10 minutes late to work after the vet's and I lost all my holiday pay for the weekend too?😭 You gotta laugh, right? 😂 Go ahead. Ask me how…

  • Insulting by drunks

    Wow. My customers are being RRALLY LOUD and somewhat tipsy And REALLY POLITICAL, bordering racist too, in ways that make me /cringe/ I can not get…

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