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First, for those keeping score (AKA me) my energy level has been up. I think it may be due to my taking a second vitamin per day. Work has turned the heat on and that always means trouble so I decided to up my immunity resources.

I had been planning on going to the Ren Fair today, (and the past 3 weekends), but when I found out that I couldn't rent a car for the trip - I was relieved. Puzzling as the Ren Fair is normally something I /want/ to go to. Not this year. Will take some bellybutton staring to figure out why.

BTW, the chemise simply does not fit. The cuff is at my elbow and the fit...well, I mean if this was her first chemise I could have given her my other one to use as a guide. I don't think I can salvage it which means this is the most expensive bit of pseudo-lace trim ever. *sigh*

I went to the flea market, just to get myself out of the house. Bought a little bit of gold floss trim for my Musketeer hat (should I ever decide to put trim on it) from the sewing stuff lady and also a scrap of heavy tassel trim which I will use for belly dance hip shaking. Because I've got to get some exercise. On the way out I heard the call of the teacup. I collect teacups. More on that later.

I was going to visit the real fabric store where they have actual stuff, but took a wrong turn (Me? Never.) and decided to make a quick stop at the historic cemetery where I cleaned moss and clumped grass clippings off of some of the stones. I noticed many new marble name markers next to the stones. A try at preservation. But as someone interested in the artwork and the engraving - this doesn't cut the mustard. I need to look into this.

When I got home I bumped into my old boss from about 10 years ago coming out of another apartment with a laundry basket. Um...I don't know what to make of this.

Then I did housework. (No, really.) I did the dishes, scrubbed the sink and vacuumed. Then I pinned the trim on for a little hip swinging action. My energy level is WAY up.

My left shoulderblade is tingly numb off and on for the past couple. Odd that.

Hey, btw, thanks to Whomiga for the head's up on John Barrowman being on HGTV tonight. Keys To The Castle. John's quite cute. Liked the kilt. I miss Captain Jack. Can't believe that evil Doctor and that wench Rose LEFT HIM BEHIND. Honestly, I don't care what the plot says the deal is - this sucks! They suck! *spoiler* The Doctor and Captain Jack in the same episode. Why do I bother? I'm going to kick Russell in the shins.


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