alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Vay Kay

In case you had not guessed, and why would you?, I have been on "vacation" this past week. Which is why I had the time to drive and get pawpaws to try out. Other than that, nothing accomplished. Dreadful.
Yesterday was my last day so I threw myself in the car and drove off to Far, Far, Way Away and the ren faire. Traffic delayed me because there was a 3 day craft fair in this stupid tiny town without any parking so cars line all the roadss and people walk IN the roads so if/when you can move you max out at 3mph. Holy Moley idiots.

Got to the town with the ren fair & traffic there was backed up for miles just to get in! The cops were directing traffic, but that wasnt much help. Course it was not entirely the cops fault because OMG PACKED! I have //never// ever ever, never no-how seen those kinds of crowds at the ren fair!

With a scant 2 hours left before closing the place was still mobbed. Elbow to elbow.

And very few masks worn. Which is SO disappointing. And exhausting. I know it is outside but there's zero social distance, people. Please grow a functional brain cell? And use it?

I wore my slap-dash outfit; boots, skirt, blouse, front lacing bodice & hat. Glad I wore something.
I felt old. Very old. All these young things wearing their slap-dash outfits and still looking good. Still getting the eye. Those were the days and they are past. I'd have to be in a full movie quality get-up for anyone to give me a second look now.
Ah well. Days of tranished glory, I do recall. I'm old.

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