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I am wandering the world this week so not responding much here. Work with me, people! ;)

I drove to Far, Far Away & bought ...PAWPAWS.
They look something like these -

I can see why they dont ship them - they go from ripe to rotten in 24hrs! Vury soft.
However, should we ever run out of bananas on this earth due to disease or whatnot, Pawpaws are ready to BE that flavor.
They are mild, very sweet banana & slightly..."tropical"? Some apparently have a mango-ish flavor in with the sweet banana flavor?
Texture is...little unusual. But nice! They say "custard" but think smoooooooooth like pudding, just /slightly/ firmer? Silky tofu maybe? Texture. Squishy.

It was a HECK of a frustrating day, driving across 2 states to get the lazt tiny bag. Driving directions //always// suck! Why is that? "Take route 11/route2" but...they split up and we're not going to tell you that nor which one you should be on...."
O.o -.- *brainsplode*
Not good when the farm website says, "we sell out in under 10 minutes so get here EARLY."

Pawpaws! I had one. Finally.
You should grow these expensive GD things 😁

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