alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Midday Witch

"Do not wander", they warned. They told me stories. I remembered the tales after I walked in the sun & heat of the day until I could not tell one field from the next. Abandoning paths, I walked on in the heat with the buzz of insects growing ever louder in my ears. The wheat stalks shifted under my shoes, making me stagger drunkenly. I was so dizzy.
They said if you saw her she would be beautiful. She was. As the bright, merciless sun.

She asked me questions, as they said she would

I couldn't think with my head buzzing. I could not lie.

She did not like my answer

I shift beneath her foot as she leaves, but I can not move. I sway with the others, silent but for the wind. I should have listened to the stories. I should have listened. I can hear my father coming with his blade.
Tags: halloween

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