alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Family of wet naps

My family is full of idiots. And enabling idiots at that.

Ok, rant!
I texted my bro late at night "want to go with me to X?" And he texted right back, "Sure!"

First thing in the morning when he woke up ol' Dumb-Dumb TOLD MOM.
Mom, not being included in the plan, immediately SHOT IT DOWN. I call for the weekly touching base with mom and she launches into how my bro can't afford to go out and doesn't want to tell me. I calmly say, "When did I say I expected him to buy the tickets?". "It's not just the tickets, it's the driving and gas and dinner. I'm already paying part of his bills!" "It's all my treat, Mom." "He doesn't want to go and he doesn't want to tell you so I'm telling you!"


Dude. You're a full grown man and you still had to ask YOUR MOTHER if you can go out? WTF?

Dude, you are older than I am and I //still// know better than to get Mom involved in plans that don't include her because she's a whiny little B*TCH who throws tantrums if she's not the center of attention. I knew she would never want to go so I skipped asking her and her knee-jerk "because i dont like it, no one can" bullsh*t. She's a control freak. I figured that out in elementary school. Where you been??

My other siblings are no better. My sister-in-law knows to take the bitch by the horns & not include mom in the planning! Just show up!

Going with my brother would have saved me A LOT of time, effort and money. I would have been able to get way better seats to the show because of the different venue. Now I have to a much worse venue, worse seats, and a strange city at night by myself.

Stop enabling the creature to dictate your lives, you idiots! Grow a pair! Grow a f-ing BIG PAIR.
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