alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,


I am attempting to eat a Chinese soft dough bun flavored with coconut. It is a paper white ball of dough that fits in the palm of the hand, sitting in a bit of paper cupcake wrapper.

Attempting because it is super soft & squishy. Like one of those silicon filled squishy toys? Suspecting it might have a liquid lava center I started with a knife & spoon, diving into the center from the top. The center is brown crumbs. Toasted coconut! The dough is indeed dough-like on the outer surface. Inside it is more like glue. Indeed as I spoon out the coconut the glue is attempting a slow-mo escape and the dessert is getting flatter & flatter.
There. I have eaten enough of the gluey part & the surface that it has stopped flowing and the gluey part has dried with a high shine.

🤔 not sure I recommend these? The flavor is only Ok. It is sweet but the texture has put me off. I think with the squishy nature if you tried eating it without utensils you'd have a two bite problem? Cause you'd have to eat roughly half in the first giant bite & chew the gummy dough furiously in order to have any chance of getting a second bite before it poured itself onto the floor.
Which makes this an odd food in my book. But then I dont understand bubble tea, so what do I know!?

Edit: No, see? They are supposed to be more bread than glue.

I'm wondering if the ones here are raw?

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