alton_lust (alton_lust) wrote,

Little whine after work

Happy Moon Festival

I'm getting a little tired of trying to say things in other languages and getting blank stares.

Ok, some of it is the obvious wrong language when I try cantonese "happy moon festival" 3 times & the reply is, "I'm Korean". 🤷
I'm Canadian! You learn Cantonese, damnit! Or teach me whatever you say!

In related news, sort of:
🤔 There's a comedian coming around from India & I'd love to see his show...but
1) it is a 3 hour drive one way. At least.
2) it would just be me alone in a strange city because I cant ask any of my Indian coworkers to go.with me cuz it would be weird. None of my friends will want to go see a comedian from India.
3) he's from India! At least /some/ of his comedy is going to be in Hindi and I'll be sitting there wondering what's going on. For the price of a ticket.
4) I'd have to take the day off. Possibly the next day as well if the show gets out late.

All that being said? I really want to go! If he were performing an hour away -I'd be there.
Tags: shopping, work whines

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